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Former Barcelona ace Andres Iniesta and Lukas Podolski were embroiled in a mass brawl after their side conceded in the 14th minute of injury time, throwing away a two-goal lead.

Lukas Podolski led the brawl with Iniesta, engaging in a massive fight after their J-League club side Vissel Kobe conceded an equalizer in the 104th minute to the opposition goalkeeper.




Former Barcelona ace Andres Iniesta and Lukas Podolski were embroiled in a mass brawl after their side conceded in the 14th minute of injury time, throwing away a two-goal lead.

Lukas Podolski led the brawl with Iniesta, engaging in a massive fight after their J-League club side Vissel Kobe conceded an equalizer in the 104th minute to the opposition goalkeeper.


Podolski On The Future: “Maybe I Will Hang On To Another Year At The End”


Former international Lukas Podolski is looking for all positives in the defeat series of his Japanese club Vissel Kobe. As a good player, he accepts his fault and learns from his mistakes and get motivated for the next matches. In an interview published on Saturday, he revealed everything about what he feels about his defeat series. He is now 33-year-old and enthusiastic about his game and performance.

“Well, we have been getting a lot of work very late. But if you do not play for Barcelona, Bayern or another top team, you just do not always have reason to laugh. Honestly, I think that is good if you can get your hands on it. That adds strength in one’s life for sure. “Kobe has not won since seven games in the J-League and lies with 37 points only in the lower midfield of the J1 League table.

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Mario Gomez retires from international duty


Stuttgart striker Mario Gomez has decided to retire from Germany duty shortly after their surprise group stage exit at the World Cup. The 33-year-old managed to feature from the bench in all three of Germany’s games at the tournament but his efforts were not sufficient to help them avoid a shock exit during the group phase.

“For me, a huge dream has come true with the World Cup in Russia. Even if the cut-off and the pathetic departure in the group-round [meant] we all failed. My entire career, I was allowed to play for the German national team. But when I had to watch 2014 [it] hurt, I finally realised how much [I was missing] the team and what a great honour it is for me to [play] for such a team. I wanted to experience these moments, these emotions. As a team and for me! I gave it all!” a statement read on his official Facebook account.

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Lukas Podolski Out for Six Weeks Due to Foot Injury


Lukas Podolski has received a major setback with the news that he will be out for at least six weeks after suffering a foot injury in training. The former Bayern Munich forward is currently playing withVissel Kobe. The 33-year-old made the switch to this Japanese club back in July 2017 for a fee of around € 2.6 million. This brought an end to his long spell in European football. The striker was expected to move to a lesser league at some point in his career and it has finally arrived towards the tail end of his career.

At one point, there was a serious danger ofPodolski’s career coming to a grinding halt due to a poor record when it comes to injuries. He was also struggling with homesickness during the early part of his career. This led to the striker being unable to settle down at any of his previous clubs. Regarded as a top scorer for German national team in the last decade,Podolski came through the ranks at FC Koln. He went on to represent top clubs like Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Inter Milan, and Galatasaray during a stellar career. He also ended up making more than 100 appearances for the German national team.

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Lukas Podolski appointed captain of Vissel Kobe


Former Germany international Lukas Podolski has been named the new captain of J1 League side Vissel Kobe for the upcoming campaign. The 32-year-old joined the Japanese outfit from Galatasaray in July 2017, and he notched five goals in 15 appearances in the backend of last season.

In a report covered by Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Podolski was pleased to have been offered the opportunity to lead the Far East outfit, he said: “Being a captain is a big responsibility. The most important thing will be to deliver results.” Meanwhile, the notion was shared by a few of his teammates with Daiya Maekawa, particularly, pleased to work under the leadership of the former Arsenal and Bayern Munich man, he wrote on Twitter: “Master and apprentice. I would like to learn from you.”

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Macho Man The Movie Will Star Lukas Podolski


Lukas will play himself in the film of 2015 and is shooting scenes at the ex club of Koln in the stadium.

He is all set to star in the comedy flick. There are doubts as to he will be seen in the future or not. It is hometown where the movie will be shot called Cologne.

The scene takes place in the stadium which is really sought after. He is eager to watch the final look in the premiere. He wants to see himself on the screen soon. The movie is adapted from Moritz Netanjakob which is a novel. In fact Daniel Sturridge who is the striker of Liverpool himself admitted that he would love to try whatever is available at hand. He has also demanded of extra time to be with the Arsenal. In January he is bound to leave the club. His presence in the club of Arsenal was absolutely negligible. For the gunners about for 37 minutes of the entire action he was restricted from the Gunners. In the four matches of the opening season he was not fully in control which was followed up by the success of Germany’s triumph in the World Cup.

On the bench of Arsenal he has enjoyed his time the maximum. Podolski has been sidelined from many. He is waiting as to what will happen in the season of winter. It was made absolutely clear that he is unhappy. He is striving hard and juggling at the same time from his career front and also from his professional front. Even if his football career is over he is indulged in lot of various activities from all corners. He is tied up with his schedule of shooting and is trying is level best to live up to the expectation.

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Podolski believes that winning the FA Cup is one of the only few options that Arsenal has in order to relieve having dropped so much points in the Premier League that has left them out of the title race.

“When you play for Arsenal, every year you fight for the title and this year we were close to winning the league. Nearly the whole season, we were top of the League and now the last matches were not so good,” Podolski told reporters

“We lost a lot of matches and we lost a lot of points so now we are a lot behind. It is difficult to look for the Premier League title, but we have a big chance for the FA Cup and we must keep that chance’’.

Arsenal is struggling just to keep themselves in the Champions League qualifying spot for the upcoming season which is a huge turn of events after they were leading the way in the Premier League ahead of everyone else but they could only sustain that position for weeks until falling down a few spots.

Even though the Premier League title is an objective that Arsenal will not be able to secure in this season, the players still remain optimistic about the future of the club and of Wenger and Vermaelen urged his teammates on continue playing at their best.

“It is always like this in football when you win something, you are the best, and you are the hero. When you win nothing or you lose a couple of matches, you are like nothing for the people and for the newspapers, the TV and for the fans.

“But I think this is a part of sport – you win together and you lose together, but in the end you must concentrate on your job and forget all the other things that have happened.” Podolski added on.

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After recently returning from injury, Lukas Podolski has been getting a run of matches especially due to injuries to key players like Jack Wilshere. He is expected to start against Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League match between the two clubs. This would give him a great opportunity to score against his former club where he spent a couple of years before coming to England. Podolski, though, is not looking forward to this encounter to prove a point, but he wants to get into the quarter-finals with a great comeback.

Many have already written off the chances of Arsenal reaching the quarter-finals, but Podolski says that everything is still possible. He says that a successful comeback will heavily rely upon the Premier league outfit scoring an early goal in the first half. This is not the first time Arsenal will be visiting the Allianz arena. They came close to reaching the quarter-finals last season, but a late goal from Laurent Koscielny turned out to be a consolation only. Podolski wants to avoid a repeat of the same and says that an early goal will give Arsenal a lot of belief.

Guardiola has said that Bayern Munich should not be complacent and they will not make the same mistake from last season when they almost allowed Arsenal to recover from a 3-1 first leg deficit.

“It is normal that no one believes in us, when we lost 2-0 at home. We, the players, we’re going after the qualification. We have to play as good as we did in the first 15 minutes of the first game. The main thing is to score a goal in the first half. Then everything will be possible,” said the striker to Sky Sports ahead of the match.

Podolski has seven goals in 15 matches for Arsenal this season.

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Bayern Munich has placed a foot into the next stages of the Champions League by claiming a 2-0 victory against Arsenal during the 1st leg which was played in the home turf of Arsenal, the Emirates Stadium.

Even Arsenal fans weren’t very happy to hear the news that they were pitted against Bayern Munich, a team that is simply dominating the Bundesliga as the side of Pep Guardiola are at the top of their league with over 10 points advantage over their nearest rivals.

Not only have that but Bayern Munich been getting past everything in their path in this season as well as the previous one.

Arsenal had an early golden moment on taking the lead when they went head to head with Bayern Munich as Mesut Ozil was brought down by Jerome Boateng at the 8th minute and a penalty set-piece was awarded to Arsenal with the former Real Madrid player, Ozil being the man chosen to step up and take it.

Ozil fired a shot down the middle of the net and Manuel Neuer managed to wave it away from being scored.

The moment that changed the momentum of the match arrived at the 37th minute when Arjen Robben rushed to receive a chipped pass that was launched inside the area of Arsenal and just as the Dutch winger was about to bring the ball down, the Arsenal goalkeeper Szczesny bursted and challenged Robben as he was tackled.

Szczesny was sent off with a straight red card and from there on out Bayern Munich started dominating the match with Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller finding the back of the net in the 2nd half and now they have a substantial advantage over their 2nd leg which is scheduled to be played on March 12 at the Allianz Arena.

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