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Lukas Podolski is not happy with Bastian Schweinsteiger’streatment


Ever since Jose Mourinho’s arrival to Manchester United on May of 2016, there has been a wave of hope arriving from the supporters of the Premier League.

Even though Jose Mourinho is one of the most controversial managers in the world of football as he has done a number of questionable decisions and actions in his career, the Portuguese manager is still considered as one of the top coaches ever as he has lifted some of the most prestigious titles in football including the UEFA Champions League and many other notable pieces of silverware.

There was and still are some fairly high expectations that Jose Mourinho might be able to win the UEFA Champions League with Manchester United in the near future and this is a title that the Premier League club has not been able to win in over 8 years.

However, the arrival of Mourinho has also caused some negative impact upon some players. Bastian Schweinsteiger, Marcos Rojo, Michael Carrick, Ashley Young and Phil Jones are some of the more renowned players of Manchester United that have been dropped to the sidelines as Mourinho simply doesn’t consider them to be good enough.

Lukas Podolski believes that Schweinsteiger does not deserve to be treated like that as he talked about his national teammate and he said: “I don’t know what Mourinho discussed with him. But it’s clear, it’s not correct to demote Bastian to the reserves. A coach has to keep the door open for every player, even more so for a player like Schweini.”

Podolskiis currently performing for the Turkish club Galatasaray and he has been recently struggling to find consistent playing time in the main team of the club as the German attacker has mostly been spending more time on the sidelines than in the actual team but even though he has problems of his own to deal with in Galatasaray, Podolski is concerned about his national teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger as Podolski is confident that Schweinsteiger deserves something better and maybe leaving Old Trafford could be the solution.

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