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Macho Man The Movie Will Star Lukas Podolski


Lukas will play himself in the film of 2015 and is shooting scenes at the ex club of Koln in the stadium.

He is all set to star in the comedy flick. There are doubts as to he will be seen in the future or not. It is hometown where the movie will be shot called Cologne.

The scene takes place in the stadium which is really sought after. He is eager to watch the final look in the premiere. He wants to see himself on the screen soon. The movie is adapted from Moritz Netanjakob which is a novel. In fact Daniel Sturridge who is the striker of Liverpool himself admitted that he would love to try whatever is available at hand. He has also demanded of extra time to be with the Arsenal. In January he is bound to leave the club. His presence in the club of Arsenal was absolutely negligible. For the gunners about for 37 minutes of the entire action he was restricted from the Gunners. In the four matches of the opening season he was not fully in control which was followed up by the success of Germany’s triumph in the World Cup.

On the bench of Arsenal he has enjoyed his time the maximum. Podolski has been sidelined from many. He is waiting as to what will happen in the season of winter. It was made absolutely clear that he is unhappy. He is striving hard and juggling at the same time from his career front and also from his professional front. Even if his football career is over he is indulged in lot of various activities from all corners. He is tied up with his schedule of shooting and is trying is level best to live up to the expectation.

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