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Podolski believes that winning the FA Cup is one of the only few options that Arsenal has in order to relieve having dropped so much points in the Premier League that has left them out of the title race.

“When you play for Arsenal, every year you fight for the title and this year we were close to winning the league. Nearly the whole season, we were top of the League and now the last matches were not so good,” Podolski told reporters

“We lost a lot of matches and we lost a lot of points so now we are a lot behind. It is difficult to look for the Premier League title, but we have a big chance for the FA Cup and we must keep that chance’’.

Arsenal is struggling just to keep themselves in the Champions League qualifying spot for the upcoming season which is a huge turn of events after they were leading the way in the Premier League ahead of everyone else but they could only sustain that position for weeks until falling down a few spots.

Even though the Premier League title is an objective that Arsenal will not be able to secure in this season, the players still remain optimistic about the future of the club and of Wenger and Vermaelen urged his teammates on continue playing at their best.

“It is always like this in football when you win something, you are the best, and you are the hero. When you win nothing or you lose a couple of matches, you are like nothing for the people and for the newspapers, the TV and for the fans.

“But I think this is a part of sport – you win together and you lose together, but in the end you must concentrate on your job and forget all the other things that have happened.” Podolski added on.

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