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Lukas Podoloski To Retire


Lukas Podoloski of Germany is probably looking to retire which was announced before the Euros.

Before the Euros 2016 started he stated that he was considering retiring from international football after the tournament which would be an easy decision if Germany won the tournament. Podoloski has definitely contributed much too several games in the international arena. Being a forward player of Galatasaray and 31 years of age, he has made about 129 appearances at senior level for the country as well as being part of the 2014 squad that brought the World Cup back to Germany.

He stayed back from active games for some time. For instance the last match that he played for Die Nationalmannschaft resulted in a win of 4-0 score over Gilbraltar. It was, however, in November 2014. He also scored several goals for Australia last year. For Euro 2016 he made about a single appearance where he was a substitute in the game that resulted in a win over Slovakia with a score of 3-0. Podoloski has been taking a slacked form in the games more and more. Hence, even though Mario Gomez was injured, he was not required to start the semifinal game against France.

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Podolski had too much competition in Arsenal and had to be offloaded


Joel Campbell, Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, MesutOzil and Danny Welbeck are the main attacking figures of Arsenal and it was just too much competition for Lukas Podolski who was already going through some difficult times at the Emirates Stadium as his career was experiencing a steady decline and the only option that was left was for him to make a move away from Arsenal.

Podolski’s first season as a player of Arsenal saw him making 33 appearances for the Premier League club and he managed to score 11 goals in his debut season but things began to fall apart for the German attacker as he began to lose his place in the starting XI of Arsene Wenger and it reached a point where Podolski was lucky if he got some playing time on the pitch.

It was only a matter of time until Podolski was offloaded from Arsenal and it occurred on July 4th of the ongoing year as the German player joined Galatasaray for a transfer fee of €1.8 million as he signed a 3 year long deal.

Arsene Wenger believes that this switch of clubs is the best thing that he could have done as this will benefit his career which was fading away. The French manager of Arsenal revealed a few details concerning Podolski as he told the media: “I felt that the opportunities for him to play with the stature a player has, he needed to go somewhere and play. (more…)

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